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For years I received e-mails from Martha Stewart in my inbox (no personal mails of course, just the mails everybody can subscribe to) but never did anything with them. Most of the time they were deleted the moment they came in. I don't even remember why I ever subscribed to them, I think because of the craft ideas that comes with them sometimes. 
Since a couple of weeks though, I actually open and read the mails and use the tips and tricks that I can use. Especially the cleaning tips, because like most people (but this is just a wild guess, of course) I rather do funnier things than cleaning my house all the time. 
What I do is making a list of all the tips and tricks in the Martha Stewart mails for one week, so they can be done in the following week. I bought a notebook especially for this purpose. The great thing about lists is that I can check off the things that are done. And man, does it feel good to see the list becoming shorter and shorter each week. 
I started this blog m…

Lay Out

This week's list
Baking & Cooking
✅ = did it → = over to next week
Baking & Cooking
Next week's list

Martha Wanne Be #15

Baking & Cooking *fruit platter
*roasted vegetables
*whole wheat date nut bread
*banana bread
*orange ginger yoghurt cakes
*garlic ginger cucumber
*fruit platter with ricotta
*triple citrus bundt cake
*sour cream mocha bundt cake
*fruit pizza
*mandarin olive oil cake
*pistachio soep
*mango yoghurt smoothie
Buying *buy birdhouse
*buy plants ✅
*buy lamp
*buy mirror
*buy seeds ✅
Cleaning *clean waffle iron
*baking soda bathroom drain
*clean bathroom floor with baking soda Crafting
Making/Doing *plant seeds

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Baking & Cooking
Next week's list

Martha Wanna Be #14

Last Week's List

Baking & Cooking *fruit pizza
*lemon olive cake ✅
*mango yoghurt smoothie
*bake bread ✅
*chicken/black bean nachos ✅
*cheese twisters ✅
*pizza from flat bread ✅
*watermelon salad ✅
*Italian sandwich
*cajun popcorn ✅
*apple pear crisp ✅
*grilled vegetables ✅
*cherry tomato salad ✅
*pesto pasta ✅
*make baked brie  ✅
Buying *buy apple cider vinegar for hair
*buy plant
Cleaning *white was with vinegar ✅
*wash outside windows ✅
*clean fridge ✅
*clean oven racks with cola ✅
*clean coffee maker ✅
Making/Doing * birdhouse on stake for front yard
*souvenir jar ✅
* flower votive display
*anti migraine massage ✅
*practice trapezium exercises
*plant rucola
*dye cotton with elderberries ✅

✅ = did it → = over to next week
Baking & Cooking
Lemon Olive Oil Cake
I made this one before with oranges and another olive oil recipe. To be honest the orange version was better than this one. This one was a bit dry.I served it with whipped cream and blueberries though, so the whipped cream made up for the dr…

Martha Wanna Be #13

This week's list

Baking & Cooking *peach pot pie
*tomatillo cilantro salsa
*roasted garlic ✅
*broccoli with garlic and almonds ✅
*garlic bread
*garlic hummus ✅
*baguette with garlic and parmesan ✅
 *try letter cake
*melon/cucumber salad
*spinach dip
*parmesan/pepper sticks
*red pepper dip ✅
*roasted chickpeas ✅
*avocado tomato toast
*nacho supreme ✅
*classic roasted salsa ✅
*sour cherry pistachio crisp
*make cactus pinata ✅
*make cactus invitations
Buying *buy mirror
*buy new kitchen chairs ✅
*buy garlic pot ✅
*try yuzu drink

Cleaning *clean bookshelves
*clean mattresses
*clean pans
*clean interior kitchen sink cabinet ✅
*clean sink ✅
*weekly chores II

Crafting *make cactus pinata ✅
*make cactus invitations

Making *plant salad
*plant arugula
*make lip sugar scrub

✅ = did it → = over to next week
Baking & Cooking
Broccoli with Almonds and Garlic

Instead of garlic I used Boursin, a cream cheese with herbs and garlic.

Red Pepper Dip

Roasted Chickpeas

Martha Wanna Be #12

This week's list
Baking & Cooking * cherry clafoutis
* peach chiffon pie * caramel chiffon cake * tortilla Espanola * make layered cake * shaved carrot salad * red pepper/walnut dip
* pasta salad with broccoli and peanuts * semolina cake * linguine arrabiata * spaghetti with gorgonzola and spinach * mac and cheese * pasta pesto ✅ * papardelle with caramelized onions * make pu pu platter  * macademia nut cookies ✅  * Hula Coola
* make 'grazing board'
Buying * buy bowls ✅ * buy compost bin ✅
* buy book 'The Goddesses' ✅

Cleaning * clean dishwasher with lemon ✅
Crafting * make invitations * make cactus pinata
* hanging paper flowers * flower votives
* make Hawaiian cushions
* paper lanterns
Making/Doing * picknick with Reva ✅
* flower votives ✅ = did it → = over to next week
Baking & Cooking
Cherry Clafoutis
My baking loving daughter wanted to make this clafout together with me, but in the end she found cutting the pits out of the cherries such a dreadful …

Martha Wanne Be #11

This week's list

Baking & Cooking *almond citrus cookies *roasted red pepper/walnut dip *key lime bars *Ottolenghi rice recipe *orange fruit salad ✅ *green fruit salad ✅ *tortilla Espanola ✅ *vegetarian chili *pesto pasta ✅
*avocado/apple/cucumber smoothie ✅
*garlic bread
*apricot almond cobbler *taco bar menu ✅ *watermelon salad ✅ *grilled vegetables ✅ *garlic herb wheels ✅ *avocado dip ✅  *banana bread ✅
*cranberry tartlets *potato gratins
*chocolate sandwiches ✅ *raspberry merengue mess Buying *buy mirror →

Cleaning *clean out closet ✅
*clean chandelier →
*book shelves

Crafting *make party invitations → *make cactus garland →
*wooden stamped utensils
Making *organize bbq

✅ = did it → = over to next week
Baking & Cooking
Green Fruit Salad

Tortilla Espanola
This was the second tortilla Espanola that I tried in these last two weeks and both didn't come loose from the pan. Somebody knows what does the trick?

Watermelon Salad
We eat this at least once a wee…

Martha Wanne Be #10

This week's list

I had only a couple of days to check off the chores on my list, because half of the week I was in Cambridge, UK. 

Baking & Cooking *make Katharine Sabbath's cake *gnocchi with peas and egg ✅ *make horchata *tempeh sticks ✅ *mint sugar ✅ *roasted salsa ✅ *watermelon punch *summer shortcake *icepops ✅  *bake bread *make penne alla Norma *roasted carrots with chimichurri *carrot cupcakes *spinach/Gruyere souffle *spinach onion dip ✅ *roasted tomato soup ✅ *roasted chick peas  *make cookie cups
Buying *buy spider plant *buy snake plant *buy souffle bowl
Cleaning *weekly chores II

Crafting *cut fabric Gertie's dress ✅
*sew Gertie's dress ✅
*bandana halter top
*make sewing kit *sewing machine cover *make marbelized vase
✅ = did it → = over to next week
Baking & Cooking
I never ate gnocchi before, until two weeks ago, when me and all colleagues that carry out Penfield operations (a sort of operation where patients are woken up while a brain sur…