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For years I received e-mails from Martha Stewart in my inbox (no personal mails of course, just the mails everybody can subscribe to) but never did anything with them. Most of the time they were deleted the moment they came in. I don't even remember why I ever subscribed to them, I think because of the craft ideas that comes with them sometimes. 
Since a couple of weeks though, I actually open and read the mails and use the tips and tricks that I can use. Especially the cleaning tips, because like most people (but this is just a wild guess, of course) I rather do funnier things than cleaning my house all the time. 
What I do is making a list of all the tips and tricks in the Martha Stewart mails for one week, so they can be done in the following week. I bought a notebook especially for this purpose. The great thing about lists is that I can check off the things that are done. And man, does it feel good to see the list becoming shorter and shorter each week. 
I started this blog m…

Martha Wanna Be #6

This week's list
Baking & Cooking *make butter/pecan blondies *Thai stir fried tofu ✅ *spinach onion dip *cheddar jalapeno cornbread *horchata *strawberry rhubarb sangria
*rhubarb strawberry tart ✅ *onion quiche *mirror glaze cake ✅
Buying *citronella candles ✅
*flowers Cleaning *bookshelves behind television →

Crafting *make a moss bowl
*flower wreath
*star deco ✅
*cross stitch family portrait
*embroider shirt ✅
*make lip balm
*fruit soap
*block blanket

Decorating *garden party ✅

Making *fix up lantern ✅
*picknick bag

✅ = did it
→ = over to next week
Baking & Cooking
Thai Stir Fried Tofu
I made this one for the Made It item on my other blog, but it was not at all what I expected. I love Thai food and its rich flavours, but this dish was very bland. Not over to the keepers list, this one.

Mirror Glaze Cake
Because I wasn't satisfied at all with the glaze on the cake that I made last week, I didn't another round of glaze making this week. I used another recipe and this …

Martha Wanna Be #5

Don't know if you noticed, but that cleaning of the bookshelves is on the list for a couple of weeks now, but I just couldn't bring myself to take all these books and clean them one by one. Again. I have four book cases like this and the first two weren't a problem at all, but I just didn't feel like doing this chore. So I shoved it up to next week again.

This week's list

Baking and Cooking *pie crust
*onion pie ✅
*spinach pie
*potato salad with Reva ✅
*avocado/cilantro sherbet
*mashed avocado with hummus
*avocado smoothie
*hazelnut/chocolate crepes ✅
*cast iron huckleberry cobbler
 *strawberry rhubarb sangria →
*caprese sandwich for Reva ✅
*mirror glaze cake ✅ →
*French merengues ✅

*lavender plant✅
*peonies ✅

Cleaning *wash windows with vinegar ✅
*clean bathroom tiles with bleach ✅
*bookshelves behind television →
 * spray hydrangeas ✅

Crafting *block blanket →
*green leave bowl ✅
*paper flowers

Decorating *green leave bowl ✅

Making * forest bathing *picknick bag →
✅ = did it → = over to ne…

Martha Wanna Be #4

This week's list
It was a busy, emotional depleting week. The friend I told you about earlier, the one with cancer, died this week. I'm really glad I've seen her just hours before she died. In this same week I also flied to Menorca to celebrate the birthday of one my best and oldest friends, a surprise party we were busy organizing since January. The cremation ceremony happened to be on the same day I would fly to Menorca, so the days before I was in doubt about what to do because whatever I would choose, I would feel guilty.  In the end I chose to go to Menorca, also because there was a goodbye ceremony on Tuesday that I visited, but the choice wasn't easy. 

Anyway, because of all this, I didn't have much time to keep up with the chores I planned for this week. 

Baking and Cooking *chocolate icecream cake * make stroopwafels *vegetable plate with dips ✅ *make strawberry ice pops *make strawberry shortcakes *make strawberry jam *make spice vegetarian chili ✅ *make red/white/b…

Martha Wanne Be #3

This week's list

Baking and Cooking *jam
*horchata pops ✅
*guacamole ✅
*tortilla/black bean pie✅
*tortilla soup
*lemon mascarpone crepe cake
*slow cooker cilantro chutney
*stuffed bell peppers
*apricot pistachio tart
*apricot with ricotta and pistachio

Buy *heart baking tin ✅ *Chinese evergreen plant *Red Edged Dracaena *glass medaillon ✅ *flowers in sacks *azaleas for front yard *hanging plant 
*string of lamps ✅
Cleaning *plants ✅
*kitchen with lemon and baking soda ✅
*polish table with olive oil ✅
*window sills front windows ✅
*bookshelves behind television →
*clear out closet Yara ✅

Crafting *sewing kit
*jeans stripe
*finish feathers swan
*10 blocks blanket
*flower medaillon✅

Decorating *flower arrangement in jar ✅
*arrange red flower bouquet
*stack pots

Making *lamps with wick in wine bottle

✅ = did it → = over to next week
Due to a busy schedule (again), because I had to work the weekend shift in order to be allowed two days off on thursday and friday to go Menorca, a lot of the chores I had plann…

Martha Wanna Be #2

Due to a two week vacation and a night shift of three nights just after the vacation, I couldn't work much on my to do list. After just two weeks of absence a lot of things were going on, like a dual boiler that didn't heat the water anymore, but made the central heating in the house hit record temperatures, like our Flemish giant Haasje who had a very red eye and looked like he was very miserable and thus had to be taken to the vet, like my old school friend who has cancer and is now weakening very fast. Enough to make doing chores around the house less important. 

This week's list

Baking and Cooking
Cocos pineapple smoothie ✅
Baklava ✅
Honey, fruit and yoghurt toast
Broccoli Cheddar Quiche
Caramelized Garlic Tart ✅
Herbed quiche with Blue Cheese
Quinoa Salad
Citrus Juice
Cake with Mirror Glaze →
Lemon Poppy Seed Biscuits
Herbed Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

Lights Garland 
Citronella candles for outdoors
Lemonade dispenser
Solar lampion ✅
Spathiphyllum ✅
Bookshelves behind…