Martha Wanna Be #13

This week's list

Baking & Cooking
*peach pot pie
*tomatillo cilantro salsa
*roasted garlic ✅
*broccoli with garlic and almonds ✅
*garlic bread
*garlic hummus ✅
*baguette with garlic and parmesan ✅
 *try letter cake
*melon/cucumber salad
*spinach dip
*parmesan/pepper sticks
*red pepper dip ✅
*roasted chickpeas ✅
*avocado tomato toast
*nacho supreme ✅
*classic roasted salsa ✅
*sour cherry pistachio crisp
*make cactus pinata ✅
*make cactus invitations

*buy mirror
*buy new kitchen chairs ✅
*buy garlic pot ✅
*try yuzu drink

*clean bookshelves
*clean mattresses
*clean pans
*clean interior kitchen sink cabinet ✅
*clean sink ✅
*weekly chores II

*make cactus pinata ✅
*make cactus invitations

*plant salad
*plant arugula
*make lip sugar scrub

✅ = did it
→ = over to next week


Baking & Cooking

Broccoli with Almonds and Garlic

Instead of garlic I used Boursin, a cream cheese with herbs and garlic.

Red Pepper Dip

Roasted Chickpeas

This is such a delicious and yet healthy snack! I always use cajun seasoning.


Cactus Pinata

Next week's list 

* birdhouse on stake for front yard
*souvenir jar
* flower votive display
*fruit pizza
*lemon olive cake
*buy apple cider vinegar for hair
*anti migraine massage
*practice trapezium exercises
*plant rucola
*mango yoghurt smoothie
*white was with vinegar
*wash outside windows
*dye cotton with elderberries
*bake bread
*chicken/black bean nachos
*cheese twisters
*pizza from flat bread
*watermelon salad
*clean fridge
*Italian sandwich
*buy plant
*cajun popcorn
*apple pear crisp
*grilled vegetables
*cherry tomato salad
*pesto pasta
*clean oven racks with cola
*clean coffee maker
*make baked brie 


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