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For years I received e-mails from Martha Stewart in my inbox (no personal mails of course, just the mails everybody can subscribe to) but never did anything with them. Most of the time they were deleted the moment they came in. I don't even remember why I ever subscribed to them, I think because of the craft ideas that comes with them sometimes. 

Since a couple of weeks though, I actually open and read the mails and use the tips and tricks that I can use. Especially the cleaning tips, because like most people (but this is just a wild guess, of course) I rather do funnier things than cleaning my house all the time. 

What I do is making a list of all the tips and tricks in the Martha Stewart mails for one week, so they can be done in the following week. I bought a notebook especially for this purpose. The great thing about lists is that I can check off the things that are done. And man, does it feel good to see the list becoming shorter and shorter each week. 

I started this blog mostly for myself, to keep motivated by actually seeing what I did in a week, and to read it all back next year, so I can start all over and especially the cleaning things will be done on a regular basis (because once a year is also regular, isn't it?). But who knows, maybe some of the tips come in handy for you, too. 

On my Pinterest boards I made a board named Martha Stewart, where I pin the usable items and delete them after doing them. Sometimes I don't use the items in the Martha Stewart mails themselves, but am just inspired by them to do something else. That's put also on my list. I use two pages for a one week list, because too long lists I found a little bit overwhelming (but again, might be possible that's just me, too). I work three days a week (scrub and circulation nurse in the OR)  and divide my list over the days  that I'm not at my job.  

My goal is to do all cleaning jobs and for all other things on the list I try to come as far as possible, but they aren't a must. Having stress about finishing all things on the list isn't what this is about for me, because besides the things on the list I also have my usual cleaning chores (the stream of dirty laundry that never ends and dust on floor and window sills that never disappears all by itself, at least not in my house).


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