Martha Wanne Be #1

Last week's list:

For my own convenience I arranged all chores by subject. Some of them are categorized under more than one subject.

Baking and Cooking
lemon cookies
lemon pancakes ✅
rhubarb fool
cake for King's Day ✅
Iranian cookies ✅

Seeds ✅
Spathiphyllum ✅

book shelves behind couch ✅
remove webs ✅
organize bathroom baskets ✅
wash comforters Y&R ✅
 clean washing machine ✅
smudge the house
put baking soda in the walk in closet ✅

hanging lantern ✅
clay bunny
Myrte's bag ✅
lavender soap

Spathiphyllum ✅
hanging lantern ✅
candle jar ✅

anti bug spray ✅
reusable dryer sheets ✅



Broccoli with walnut vinaigrette
I altered some things in the original recipe. Instead of broccoli, in the original recipe cauliflower is used, but although I'm not a picky eater cauliflower is one of few that I really dislike. No taste and snotty consistency, so I prefer broccoli.
I didn't use vinegar either; just mixed olive oil with walnuts, garlic, Parmesan, salt&pepper and parsley. Both my daughers and I loved the combination of flavours, so because of that and because broccoli and walnuts both are very healthy foods, this recipe is transfered to the 'to keep' list! 

Iranian Cookies
I'm a big fan of the smell and taste of Persian foods. What I like in their sweets is the rose water and the cardamom that's often used, so seeing the recipe for these cookies made my mouth watering. The taste was delicious, but there's a lot of butter in the cookies, what makes them a bit fat, and they're quite brittle.

King's Day Cake
Together with my eight year old daughter I baked this cake for King's Day, which is celebrated on the King's birthday. It's her design and I helped a little, but she made it mostly herself.


Wash comforters
Our comforters are not synthetic, but filled with feathers. I thought it wasn't possible to wash feather comforters, but just read this week that actually it is. 
Wash them on 60 degrees Celsius, put them in the dryer and hang them outside to let them dry completely. Simple as that. 

Reusable Dryer Sheets
I made a couple of sheets from an old tea towel, vinegar and Lemon Grass essential oil. The wash came out smelling like lemon grass and it was soft. Because vinegar is a lot less damaging for the environment than a chemical fabric softener is, I think I will keep on using these homemade dryer sheets.

Clean Washing Machine
1/2 cup of baking soda in the washing machine drum and run a full cycle on the hottest program.
Conclusion: didn't work at all to chase away the musty smell


Hand Drawn Seed Packs
For a friend I wanted to make the little May Day Seed Packs to send by mail and invite her for drinking coffee and eating lunch at my house, but I thought it would be more personal to draw the packs myself than to use a template. I bought some seed packs with Zinnia, folded an envelope and drew the flowers on the little pack.  

  Hanging Lantern
After pinning the post about the hanging lantern I wanted to start right away instead of waiting until the end of the week, so the lantern was already made last week. 

Candle Jar
Buying sand, a jar and candles isn't that much work, so I did that right after pinning the idea and put the arrangement together as soon as I was home. 

Myrte's Bag
Because we will go on vacation to the island of Menorca next week I had to finish the bag in this week. It's a present for my friend's birthday. She lives on the island, so it couldn't wait any longer. 

Next week's list:

The decode:

*make more hanging lanterns
*buy lights garland
*buy citronella tea lights or candles
*cocos pineapple smoothie
*honey, fruit and yoghurt toast
*broccoli cheddar quiche
*caramelized garlic tart
*herbed quiche with blue cheese
*buy a lemonade dispenser
*buy a solar lampion
*clean bookshelves behind television
*clean window sills
*block blanket
*clean out freezer
*clean under the stairs
*repot sunflowers
*buy a Spathiphyllum
*buy cactus
*make cactus pot
*make quinoa salad
*make citrus juice
*try to make mirror glaze
*lemon poppy seed biscuits
*herbed cheddar biscuits
*make lavender candles
*make lavender soap


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