Martha Wanne Be #11

This week's list

Baking & Cooking
*almond citrus cookies
*roasted red pepper/walnut dip
*key lime bars
*Ottolenghi rice recipe
*vegetarian chili
*pesto pasta ✅
*avocado/apple/cucumber smoothie ✅
*garlic bread
*apricot almond cobbler
*taco bar menu ✅
 *banana bread ✅
*cranberry tartlets
*potato gratins
*raspberry merengue mess
*buy mirror →

*clean out closet ✅
*clean chandelier →
*book shelves

*make party invitations →
*make cactus garland →
*wooden stamped utensils


*organize bbq

✅ = did it
→ = over to next week


Baking & Cooking

Green Fruit Salad

Tortilla Espanola
This was the second tortilla Espanola that I tried in these last two weeks and both didn't come loose from the pan. Somebody knows what does the trick?

Watermelon Salad
We eat this at least once a week! Love the combi of mint, salty feta and sweet watermelon!

Taco Bar
This is another favorite in our house. We call it 'tortillas to put on everything you like'. On our bar you find fresly cut tomatoes, home made guacamole, grated cheese, corn, cream and black beans.

Chocolate Sandwiches
I made this on a morning that we were out of the yoghurt my daughters normally eat for breakfast, so I thought to surprise them with these sandwiches. It was a surprise indeed, but not a positive one. They didn't like them at all, probably because of the brown bread I used.

Grilled Vegetables
As a vegetarian I love a dish like this. I didn't really follow the recipe instruction, just used the inspiration. I sprinkled four different vegetables with different seasoning. Zucchini with garlic and parmesan, red bell pepper with cajun spices, sweet potato with potato seasoning and carrots with ginger and honey.

Next week's list

* cherry clafoutis
* make invitations
* make cactus pinata
* clean dishwasher with lemon
* buy bowls
* buy compost bin
* picknick with Reva
* buy book 'The Goddesses'
* peach chiffon pie
* caramel chiffon cake
* tortilla Espanola
* make layered cake
* shaved carrot salad
* red pepper/walnut dip
* hanging paper flowers
* flower votives
* pasta salad with broccoli and peanuts
* semolina cake
* linguine arrabiata
* spaghetti with gorgonzola and spinach
* mac and cheese
* pasta pesto
* papardelle with caramelized onions
* make pu pu platter 
* macademia nut cookies
* make Hawaiian cushions
* Hula Coola
* make 'grazing board'
* paper lanterns


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