Martha Wanne Be #10

This week's list

I had only a couple of days to check off the chores on my list, because half of the week I was in Cambridge, UK. 

Baking & Cooking
*make Katharine Sabbath's cake
*make horchata
*tempeh sticks ✅
*watermelon punch
*summer shortcake
*icepops ✅
 *bake bread
*make penne alla Norma
*roasted carrots with chimichurri
*carrot cupcakes
*spinach/Gruyere souffle
*roasted chick peas
 *make cookie cups

*buy spider plant
*buy snake plant
*buy souffle bowl

*weekly chores II

*cut fabric Gertie's dress ✅
*sew Gertie's dress ✅
*bandana halter top
*make sewing kit
*sewing machine cover
*make marbelized vase

✅ = did it
→ = over to next week


Baking & Cooking

I never ate gnocchi before, until two weeks ago, when me and all colleagues that carry out Penfield operations (a sort of operation where patients are woken up while a brain surgeon is performing an operation on the brain to map functions, mostly speak and motoric) went eating out together. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, a neuro psychologist and all other operation room personnel were present. I really like the consistency of the gnocchie and wanted to make it myself. This week I did. There aren't many foods that I really don't like, but peas aren't among my favorites, so I used another recipe for the gnocchi. With sage, because I love sage a lot.

Mint Sugar
The mint sugar was a big hit. I made it for my daughter to sprinkle on their strawberries in their school lunch box.

Roasted Salsa
Also a big hit, especially in combination with a tortilla chips platter.


Sewing Gertie's Dress
I worked a bit ahead on the dress. It was the first time that I did an FBA (full bust adjustment). My muslin had a perfect fit, but after finishing the whole dress, for some reason the bodice didn't fit that good anymore. Made me a bit demoralized after putting all this effort in it. I made a dark blue dress and wanted to make a chocolate brown one, but after this disappointment I don't feel like making another dress anytime soon.

Next week's list

*almond citrus cookies
*roasted red pepper/walnut dip
*key lime bars
*Ottolenghi rice recipe
*orange fruit salad
*green fruit salad
*tortilla Espanola
*vegetarian chili
*pesto pasta
*clean out closet
*avocado/apple/cucumber smoothie
*organize bbq
*garlic bread
*make party invitations
*make cactus garland
*apricot almond cobbler
*taco bar menu
*watermelon salad
*grilled vegetables
*garlic herb wheels
*avocado dip
*wooden stamped utensils
*cranberry tartlets
*potato gratins
*buy mirror
*clean chandelier 
*chocolate sandwiches
*raspberry merengue mess
*book shelves


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