Martha Wanna Be #12

This week's list

Baking & Cooking
* cherry clafoutis
* peach chiffon pie
* caramel chiffon cake
* tortilla Espanola
* make layered cake
* shaved carrot salad
* red pepper/walnut dip
* pasta salad with broccoli and peanuts
* semolina cake
* linguine arrabiata
* spaghetti with gorgonzola and spinach
* mac and cheese
* papardelle with caramelized onions
* make pu pu platter 
 * Hula Coola

* buy bowls ✅
* buy compost bin ✅
* buy book 'The Goddesses' ✅

* clean dishwasher with lemon ✅

* make invitations
* make cactus pinata
* hanging paper flowers
* flower votives
* make Hawaiian cushions
* paper lanterns

* picknick with Reva ✅
* flower votives
✅ = did it
→ = over to next week


Baking & Cooking

Cherry Clafoutis
My baking loving daughter wanted to make this clafout together with me, but in the end she found cutting the pits out of the cherries such a dreadful job that she left it for me. Because I don't particular like it either, I think this was the first and last time we made clafoutis.

Pasta Pesto
I really had the intention to make this pesto, but used the freshly made supermarket pesto when the moment was there. It's delicious and I couldn't make it better. So I took the easy way and saved a lot of time.

Macadamia Cookies
As  a vegetarian I have to eat nuts every now and then. Macadamias are my favorites, but around this part of the world they cost a fortune, so most of the time I stick to pecans. But I just couldn't resist these cookies and they were even better than I tought they would be!

Grazing Board
My daughter loves to make all kinds of little bites that don't take too much to make, so a grazing board is perfect for her. All things on the board were her idea.


Book The Goddessess
To be honest I haven't finished the book I started to read two weeks ago, but I just don't like the book that much. I'm reading The Traveling Cat Chronicles, that I found on the bestseller's display in the bookstore and that I chose because of the words Traveling and Cat in it, especially the last one, but for now I'm a bit disappointed, so I ordered The Goddessess, which I found on a summer bucketlist on Martha Stewart.  The story takes place in Hawaii and that's enough for me for wanting it to read.

Did you read The Traveling Cat Chronicles? What did  you think about it, should I read on?

Due to temperatures  around 36 degrees Celsius (97 Fahrenheit) I didn't feel like cleaning that much at all, but throwing a lemon in the dishwasher was something that I could work up.

Next week's list

*peach pot pie
*buy mirror
*clean bookshelves
*buy new kitchen chairs
*tomatillo cilantro salsa
*plant salad
*roasted garlic
*broccoli with garlic and almonds
*garlic bread
*garlic hummus
*baguette with garlic and parmesan
*buy garlic pot
*try letter cake
*try yuzu drink
*melon/cucumber salad
*plant arugula
*spinach dip
*parmesan/pepper sticks
*red pepper dip
*roasted chickpeas
*avocado tomato toast
*nacho supreme
*classic roasted salsa
*sour cherry pistachio crisp
*make lip sugar scrub
*clean mattresses
*clean pans
*clean interior kitchen sink cabinet
*clean sink


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