Martha Wanne Be #9

This week's list
My children had a day off on the same day my usual day off from work, so unfortunately I couldn't do all the cooking and crafting chores that I had planned to do.

Baking & Cooking
*espresso mousse
*dates & blue cheese
*cantaloupe/lime/chili soup
*caprese rolls for school ✅
*pesto pasta ✅
*grapefruit spritz
*vanilla/plum/buttermilk smoothie ✅
*ricotta cornmeal pancakes
*sweet potato pie
 *make nettle soup
*make dandelion salad
*make nettle spinach omelette
*fruit pizza
*cherry pie
*Pizza Hut breadsticks ✅
*French toast
*spinach cheese strata

*buy hanging plants
*buy eyecream with vit C
*buy a book about foraging ✅
*buy little bowls 

*shelves behind television →
*weekly chores III

*color cotton with flowers
*make rodeo girl shirt →
*make FBA for Gertie's dress ✅
*make muslin of Gertie's dress ✅



✅ = did it
→ = over to next week


Baking & Cooking

Vanilla Plum Buttermilk Smoothie
Became Vanilla Strawberry Buttermilk Smoothie because of no plums at the supermarket

Pizza Hut Bread Sticks

Next week's list

Next week I will  be in Cambridge, where my husband has to do some talking on a congress, so I guess there will be not time to do planned chores either.

*make Katharine Sabbath's cake
*gnocchie with peas and egg
*buy spider plant
*buy snake plant
*make horchata
*tempeh sticks
*mint sugar
*roasted salsa
*watermelon punch
*summer shortcake
*cut fabric Gertie's dress
*bake bread
*sew Gertie's dress
*make penne alla Norma
*roasted carrots with chimichurri
*carrot cupcakes
*spinach/Gruyere souffle
*buy souffle bowl
*spinach onion dip
*roasted tomato soup
*roasted chick peas
*bandana halter top
*make sewing kit
*sewing machine cover
*strawberry trifle
*make marbelized vase
*make cookie cups


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