Martha Wanne Be #8

This week's list

Baking & Cooking
*curried red lentil soup with dried cherries and cilantro
*make foods-on-a-stick
*crepes ✅
*tortilla Espanola ✅
*blueberry cheesecake (try out for teachers) ✅
*margharita pizza ✅
*stuffed poblanos ✅
*strawberry napoleons
*Dutch pancakes with blueberries
*Iranian cookies
*pineapple icepops ✅
*pineapple ginger smoothie ✅
*strawberry shortcake
*Mac&Cheese ✅
*snack mix ✅
*bake cherry cake with Reva

* pattern for Gertie's sew along ✅
*lavender plants ✅

*weekly chores IIII
*clean plants ✅
*bookshelves behind television

*origami plant cover
*lavender soap


*organize movie night ✅

✅ = did it
→ = over to next week


Baking & Cooking

Pizza Margharita
Pizza is a favorite in our house, so I was glad to see them appear in one of Martha's posts. For me especially the ones made on flat bread are a big hit: ready in ten minutes. Just smear the tomatoes on the bread,  sprinkle cheese over it and put them in the oven until the cheese has melted.

 Snack Mix
I've made this several times now and every time I'm amazed about the great taste of a home made snack mix!

Pineapple Ginger Smoothie
I love fresh ginger, so this sounded as a perfect smoothie for me, except that the recipe asks for yoghurt. I don't know, something ginger and something sour didn't sound right for me, so instead of yoghurt I used milk. Delicioso!

Blueberry Cheesecake
The recipe was for a normal loaf cake with cheesecake blueberry swirl on top, but when the cake came out of the oven, the cheese went down to the bottom of the cake, so it didn't look cheery at all, like it did in the picture. Have to think about something else as a teacher appreciation gift. 


Gertie's Sew Along Pattern
Do you know Gertie Hirsch? She designs and sews vintage looking clothing and just started a sew along on her blog. I haven't sewed anything for a long time and thought this would be the best moment to get my sewing machine from underneath the dust to make this gorgeous dress! I started with ordering the pattern, but am still thinking about the fabric I want to use. I hesitate between chocolate brown or dark blue.

Next week's list

*espresso mousse
*dates & blue cheese
*cantaloupe/lime/chili soup
*color cotton with flowers
*caprese rolls for school
*pesto pasta
*grapefruit spritz
*vanilla/plum/buttermilk smoothie
*ricotta cornmeal pancakes
*sweet potato pie
*buy hanging plants
*buy eyecream with vit C
*make rodeo girl shirt
*make FBA for Gertie's dress
*make muslin of Gertie's dress
*buy a book about foraging
*make nettle soup
*make dandelion salad
*make nettle spinach omelette
*fruit pizza
*cherry pie
*Pizza Hut breadsticks
*French toast
*spinach cheese strata
*buy little bowls


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