Martha Wanna Be #5

Don't know if you noticed, but that cleaning of the bookshelves is on the list for a couple of weeks now, but I just couldn't bring myself to take all these books and clean them one by one. Again. I have four book cases like this and the first two weren't a problem at all, but I just didn't feel like doing this chore. So I shoved it up to next week again.

This week's list

Baking and Cooking
*pie crust
*onion pie ✅
*spinach pie
*potato salad with Reva ✅
*avocado/cilantro sherbet
*mashed avocado with hummus
*avocado smoothie
*hazelnut/chocolate crepes ✅
*cast iron huckleberry cobbler
 *strawberry rhubarb sangria →
*caprese sandwich for Reva ✅
*mirror glaze cake ✅ →
*French merengues ✅

*lavender plant✅
*peonies ✅

*wash windows with vinegar ✅
*clean bathroom tiles with bleach ✅
*bookshelves behind television →
 * spray hydrangeas ✅

*block blanket →
*green leave bowl ✅
*paper flowers

*green leave bowl ✅

* forest bathing
*picknick bag →

✅ = did it
→ = over to next week



Potato Salad
My youngest daughter loves to cook and got a Salad Cook Book from her grandmother, so she asked me to make this with her. 
Just cook some small potatoes and let cool off. Mix mayonaise, pepper, salt, paprika powder and chopped scallops together in a bowl and add potatoes. That's it.

Mirror Glaze Cake
I was looking forward to making this cake while I was still in Menorca, so on my first day off I started working on it. The result isn't really what I had in mind, but the taste of the cake (mokka!!) was delicious, so I'm thrilled with the recipe anyway. The glaze I want to try again, but with another recipe. 

French Merengues
I had two egg whites left over from the Mirror Glaze Cake and kept them in the fridge to make these French Merengues with. 

Caprese Sandwich
My oldest daughter had three days of school camp this week and had two days off afterwards, while my youngest still had to go to school, so I made extra delicious bread rolls for her. She loves Caprese, so that's what's on the freshly baked ciabatta. 


Spray hydrangeas
One of my hydrangeas has plant louse. I found a remedy to get rid of them.

2,5 liter water
50 ml methylated spirit
100 grams of green soap

I hope this will work, otherwise I have to cut off the whole plant.

Green Leave Bowls
I made these leaves from polymer clay to use as coasters.

Next week's list

*make butter/pecan blondies
* make moss bowl
*buy citronella candles
* buy flowers for garden party
* make stir fried tofu
*make rhubarb strawberry tart
*make flower wreath
*make spinach onion dip
*make cheddar jalapeno cornbread
*make star deco
*cross stitch family portrait
*embroider shirt
*make lip balm
*make fruit soap
*make horchata
*make a picknick bag
*block blanket
*bookshelves behind television
*make strawberry rhubarb sangria
*make onion quiche
*make mirror glaze cake


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