Martha Wanna Be #4

This week's list

It was a busy, emotional depleting week. The friend I told you about earlier, the one with cancer, died this week. I'm really glad I've seen her just hours before she died. In this same week I also flied to Menorca to celebrate the birthday of one my best and oldest friends, a surprise party we were busy organizing since January. The cremation ceremony happened to be on the same day I would fly to Menorca, so the days before I was in doubt about what to do because whatever I would choose, I would feel guilty.  In the end I chose to go to Menorca, also because there was a goodbye ceremony on Tuesday that I visited, but the choice wasn't easy. 

Anyway, because of all this, I didn't have much time to keep up with the chores I planned for this week. 

Baking and Cooking
*chocolate icecream cake
* make stroopwafels
*vegetable plate with dips ✅
*make strawberry ice pops
*make strawberry shortcakes
*make strawberry jam
*make spice vegetarian chili ✅
*make red/white/blue ice pops
* make fried eggplant with honey ✅
*make French Butterfly cookies
*make French merengues
 *make lime cookies

 *buy cooking thermometer ✅
*buy snakeplant
*buy aloe
*buy lavenderplants
*buy vitamin C serum ✅

*clean bath tub with liquid soap and essential oil ✅
*bookshelves behind television→
*clean Vans with baking soda ✅
*clean suitcase baking soda ✅

*cross stitch familie portrait
*block blanket →

*make a moss bowl

*fill a nice sandwich box for Yara and Reva ✅
*make a moss bowl
*make one picture each day this week and share ✅

✅ = did it
→ = over to next week



Vegetable Plate with Dips
This week my parents came over for a barbecue, because it's exceptionally hot here in The Netherlands for the May month, and as a side dish I made these dips for all sorts of vegetables. Look at these colors! Love it! 

Fried Egg Plant
While I thought it couldn't be very difficult to make the fried eggplant that I ate while I was on vacation in Menorca, mine didn't look and didn't taste like it. So, up to the trash bin with my made up my own recipe. 


Clean Vans with baking soda
I didn't really believe anything could take out the smell in my Vans since I wore them just once without socks, but the baking soda could. It really worked!


On the day that I went to Menorca, thursday that was, I made a nice lunch box for my daughters, to remind them that I would not forget them while I was in Menorca. 

Make One Picture Each Day


My tom cat Ronnie


So hot, and it's just May


My beloved friend Haasje


For my girls


Coffee at Maribel at first morning


Sunset at last night


Flying home

Next week's list

* forest bathing
* make a picknick bag
* make pie with piecrust
* make onion pie
* make spinach pie
* make potato salad with Reva
* make avocado/cilantro sherbet
* make mashed avocado with hummus
* wash windows with smoothie
* make avocado smoothie
* wash windows with vinegar
* clean bathroom tiles with bleach
* bake hazelnut/banana crepes
* buy lavender plants
* make cast iron huckleberry cobbler
* block blanket
* bookshelves behind television
* make strawberry rhubarb sangria
* buy peonies
* spray hydrangea
* make green leave bowl
* make caprese sandwich for Reva
* make paper flowers 
* make mirror glaze cake


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