Martha Wanne Be #3

This week's list

Baking and Cooking
*horchata pops ✅
*guacamole ✅
*tortilla/black bean pie✅
*tortilla soup
*lemon mascarpone crepe cake
*slow cooker cilantro chutney
*stuffed bell peppers
*apricot pistachio tart
*apricot with ricotta and pistachio

*heart baking tin ✅
*Chinese evergreen plant
*Red Edged Dracaena
*glass medaillon ✅
*flowers in sacks
*azaleas for front yard
*hanging plant 
*string of lamps ✅

*plants ✅
*kitchen with lemon and baking soda ✅
*polish table with olive oil ✅
*window sills front windows ✅
*bookshelves behind television →
*clear out closet Yara ✅

*sewing kit
*jeans stripe
*finish feathers swan
*10 blocks blanket
*flower medaillon✅

*flower arrangement in jar ✅
*arrange red flower bouquet
*stack pots

*lamps with wick in wine bottle

✅ = did it
→ = over to next week


Due to a busy schedule (again), because I had to work the weekend shift in order to be allowed two days off on thursday and friday to go Menorca, a lot of the chores I had planned never became reality.


Apricot Pistachio Tart
Unfortunately the apricots weren't totally ripe yet, but the taste was great anyway. Too bad I was the only one of the family who liked it, so it isn't a keeper, this apricot treat. 

Tortilla/Black Bean Pie
Actually, when I was busy making this pie it suddenly seemed so much easier to stick to my usual recipe for quesadillas, instead of making this pie that would crumble the moment I'd put a knife in it. So I didn't come further than purchase the ingredients, but made quesadillas from it in the end. 

For the guacamole I also used my own good old recipe. Just put a peeled avocado in a foodprocessor with a spoon ful of mayonaise. At garlic, a little bit of chili and a sniff of salt and process until smooth. Mix in a chopped tomato.

Horchata Pops
I love the combination of rice and cinnamon. Sometimes my mother made rice milk for us when we were kids and the taste of these pops make me think of that. 



Polish wooden table with olive oil
Didn't expect this to work, but the table looks as good as new!


Glass Medaillon
I made this one for Mother's Day. It's a key chain for pictures, but instead of a picture I've put dried forget-me-nots in it. 


Flower arrangement in jar
 For this I used an empty vegetable jar, wrapped in a paper brown bag.  

String of Lamps
My parents came over this weekend and because of the beautiful weather we could roast chicken and for me a veggie burger on the barbecue. To make it look a bit more festive I hung different sort of lamps from the pergola.

Next week's list

Which says:

*chocolate icecream cake
* make stroopwafels
*vegetable plate with dips
*make strawberry ice pops
*make strawberry shortcakes
*make strawberry jam
*by cooking thermometer
*buy snakeplant
*buy aloe
*buy lavender
*fill a nice sandwich box for Yara and Reva
*make spice vegetarian chili
*make red/white/blue ice pops
* make fried eggplant with honey
*make paper bag flowers
*clean bath tub with liquid soap and essential oil
*make French Butterfly cookies
*make French merengues
*buy vitamin C serum
*make lime cookies 
*cross stitch familie portrait
*block blanket
*clean Vans with baking soda
*clean suitcase baking soda
*make a moss bowl
*make one picture each day this week and share


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